Top 10 Reasons to Visit Nepal

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Nepal
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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Nepal

1. Cultures and Languages

Nepal is the nation of multi-culture, multi-ethnic and multi-languages. Here are more than 125 castes and ethnics groups and 123 languages spoken. Though there are many casts, ethnics, cultures, and languages, people of Nepal live with harmony, brotherhood, friendship, peace and unity with each other which is one of the best attractions for tourist towards Nepal.

2. Attractive Mountains

Nepal is the gateway to the Himalayans as it covers one-third of the entire Himalayan range and is the host to 8 of the 14 highest 8000 meters peaks in the world. Mount Everest (Sagarmatha) world’s highest mountain is also located in Nepal. Many tourist or mountain climber came to climb the beautiful mountain of Nepal. Annapurna, Machhapuchhre are other attractive mountains of Nepal, which really gives the sense of joy, pleasure, and refreshment to all peoples in the world.

 3. Holy Places

Nepal is the holy place for Hindu religions. In Nepal, there are many temples like Pashupatinath, Swargadwari, Gosaikunda, etc. where people believe that in such place god used to come for meditation also called DHYAN in Nepali, so such places are another attraction. Similarly, Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha(THE LIGHT OF ASIA), the founder of Buddhism religion. So Lumbini in the Terai is the holy place for all the Buddhist around the world as well as Nepal is the birthplace of goddess Sita too. So, these all are the major attractions of Nepal.

4. Hub for Adventurous Sports

Furthermore, discussing the attraction of Nepal, it is famous as a hub for adventure sports. In Nepal, you will find the best Bungee jumping in the world. Rafting in Trisuli and Bhotyakoshi River is one of the most adventurous moment tourists can enjoy in Nepal. Similarly, Paragliding from the Sarankot hill, mountain climbing, waterfall challenge, mountain flight, trekking, are other adventures sports in Nepal.

5. Arts and Monuments

In Nepal, you can see the top level of Architecture and sculpture. Here you would find eight world heritage site in Kathmandu city among the 14 sites declared by UNESCO such as Pashupatinath temple, Swoyambhunath, Bouddhanath, Kathmandu durbar square, etc. The architect of all these will surely make you wonder because these all are the ancient handmade architect and these all were made about 200 years ago.

6. A Peaceful and Amiable Environment

Nepal is the land of peace as this is the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. People of Nepal welcome and respect their visitors as a version of god. “Atithi Debo Vawa” is the motto of Nepali which means guests in Nepal are god for Nepalese. We don’t believe in Violence and wars as we keep loving each other with peace and harmony.

7. Home for Endangered Species

Nepal is also home for most of the endangered animals. The One-Horned Rhino is one of the mediums of attraction in Chitwan and Bardiya national park. Similarly, Royal Bengal tiger is also another animal that you can see in Bardiya National park also you can have a site seen in Black Buck conservation area in Bardiya district. Overall, the National park, Wildlife conservation area, Animal Hunting area are another reason that attracts tourist in Nepal.

8. Delectable Lakes and Endangered Glaciers

In Nepal, there are moreover 200 stunning lakes with a glacier origin, vividly blue color. The lakes in Nepal are of scintillating nature but not being close to cities and some which take a couple of days to get to. PHEWA LAKE is the lake which is located at the heart of beautiful city Pokhara whereas Tilicho lake, which is in the high altitude. As you know, Global Warming is melting these amazing glaciers and may not be available for viewing in the coming decades.

9. Reasonable Costs

The main reason to visit Nepal would be reasonable costs. You can experience the best trip of your life at a reasonable price in Nepal. You can make any trip to Nepal and save your pocket money as it is a beautiful Nation which you can visit in very less expense with a lot of joy and entertainment.

10. Well Standard Hotel Amenities

In Nepal, you will get decent hotel facilities for accommodation and cuisine. Here is the world recognized hotels which would conduct the different programs for tourist enjoyment, refreshment. You may also enjoy the discount offered by a range of lodge and hotel and several tour operators and gets enjoyments going for your dream trip in Nepal.



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