Activities to do In Nepal

Top Activities to do in Nepal with Major Destination 

Nepal always has been synonymous with adventure. With countless adventure activities. As the country of Mount Everest, Nepal is not only about trekking and hiking; instead, there are lots of activities to do and they are mentioned below. Kathmandu and Pokhara are the main tourist hubs, but besides these, there are places like Chitwan, Bardiya, Nagarkot, etc. to do natural adventure activities.

  • Trekking & Hiking Everest
    Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp
    Every year thousands of travelers want to visit Nepal and the main reasons behind is trekking and hiking. As a country of the Himalayas, Nepal is famous for its awesome trekking trails. Everest Base Camp Trekking and Annapurna Base Camp Trekking are the two famous trekking trails in Nepal. If you are looking for easy routes for Hiking, you can visit the hill stations. Hill station trips are like short days hiking and enjoying the night at the lodge/teahouses. Moreover, other famous routes like Langtang Valley Trek and Manaslu Circuit Trek have long trekking routes. However, if you are planning to enjoy short trekking routes then you can take Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Everest Panorama Trek, Sarangkot Dhampus Trek, Sailung Trekking, etc.
  • Rafting & Kayaking
    With the high current flow of water from the highest mountain ranges, Nepal offers the best whitewater rafting and kayaking opportunities in various different parts of Nepal, and Bhotekoshi and Trishuli are one of the most famous destinations for this. 
    if you are thinking of doing this adventure then you will be guided by the river expert, and as per his or her instructions, you can take part in these thrilling adventure sports. A few of the popular names of the river for rafting are the Upper Seti River, Sunkoshi River, Tamur River, Karnali River, Kali Gandaki River, Trisuli River, Marshyangdi River, etc. Normally, Rafting & Kayaking is a half-day trip but you can go for a multi-day tour so, you can spend a night in the near riverside resort.
  • Bungee Jumping
    Bhotekoshi, Pokhara, Kusma
    Attending a bungee Jumping in Nepal is a thrilling thing to do in Nepal for adventure freaks. There is a list of a few activities which can be done without any training or preparation and one of them is Bungy Jumping. The ultimate goal of doing the Bungee jump is all about free fall and the thrilling excitement and enjoying the moment. Bhotekoshi is the hot area to attend this activity.  
  • Paragliding
    Pokhara, Kathmandu
    Numerous people dream of flying like a bird in the sky however only a few courage to attend it. so for that, if you think you have that level of courage, you should try Paragliding as it is one of the most loved adventure sports in Nepal. Nepal offers two different paragliding first, to do solo, and next, tandem. While you are flying you can enjoy the amazing view of the mountains, you will absolutely love the view of the city.
  • Zip Flyer
    Pokhara, Dhulikhel
    Nepal offers one of the most incredible and steepest zip flyers in the world. Experience the world’s tallest, longest, steepest zip line located in the most beautiful city, Pokhara. You will be enjoying a total length of 1.8 kilometers, 56-degree inclination, and a vertical drop of 600 meters, the zip flyer is a thing not to be missed while you are in Nepal. While you are experiencing this activity, you will face the picturesque view of the Annapurna Himalayas at 100+ km speed located at Sarangkot which is 30 minutes away from the main city of Pokhara. Keeping the priority on safety, a zip flyer is designed with international standards.
  • Mountaineering
    Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Manaslu, Lhotse, Everest, Pumori, Amadablam, Baruntse
    The fact that Nepal is the home of mountains and the world’s highest peak Mount Everest situated here. Out of the 14 highest peaks above 8000 meters 10’s are located in Nepal. This makes it clear that Nepal is the best destination for a mountaineering expedition. Mountaineering is an extreme sport and one of the toughest things do to as it requires lots of physical fitness and technical experience.
    With a highly-skilled technical operator, you can always get to the top of the world. There are over 300+ famous spots for mountaineering in Nepal. It means you will have a great opportunity to explore the giant peaks. Pumori, Amadablam, Baruntse, Mera, Island, and Yala peaks are among the most preferred mountains for expeditions in Nepal.
  • Bird Watching
    Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, Koshi Tappu
    Nepal is very rich in birds and there are almost more than 900 species of birds found in Nepal, which is 9% of the total birds found in the world. It means in other words we can say Nepal is the Home of Birds. If you are fond of birds and watching them then Nepal is probably the best destination for you in the world and we can call it a bird watcher’s paradise. If you are on a long holiday then you can explore different parts of Nepal along with conservation areas, and NP like Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Chitwan National Park, and Bardia National Park for Bird watching in Nepal including migratory and non-migratory birds. Additionally, If you are fond of taking Photographer of Bird then, these places are the best for a photography tour. Moreover, if you are with a shot visit for Bird watching then it probably it will be better to visit nearby Kathmandu, you can visit places like Nagarjuna, Godavari, Suryabinayak, Phulchowki, Taudaha, Dakshinkali, Shivapuri National Park, etc.
  • Jungle Safari
    Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park
    Jungle Safari is the best way to explore the amazing jungles and get close to seeing the wild animals, birds, etc. Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park are famous places to explore the jungles in Nepal. Jeep is the best ways to Jungle Safari in Nepal. Jeep safari is the best way to see without disturbing the wildlife. Chitwan National Park offers the best jungle safari in the world.
    If you choose the jeep as an alternative then the sound may disturb wild animals and you will get to see fewer animals. In Nepal, you will get to see endangered species like one-horned rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tigers, etc. Chitwan and Bardiya National Park provide top-notch accommodation services for domestic and international tourists.
    Also, there may be a chance for boating at the riverside where you can see crocodiles, birds, other water animals, etc. Walking around the jungle is also possible under supervised wildlife experts but there are a few chances
  • Mountain Biking
    Pokhara, Kathmandu
    If you are a two-wheeler lover then Mountain Biking is the best thing to do in Nepal. As a hilly country, Nepal provides endless opportunities for bikers. Nepal offers you dirt roads, steep downhills, and sharp turning points, Nepal is a perfect place for mountain biking. The mountain region offers world-class tracks where you can experience the panoramic view of mountain ranges. Pokhara, Kathmandu, Jomsom, Muktinath, Upper Mustang, Lower Everest, etc are the famous tracks for Mountain Biking in Nepal.
  • Yoga & Meditation
    Kathmandu, Pokhara
    Yoga and Meditation are part of Asian culture and Nepal is no different than that. There are several histories written on Yoga and its postures can be found in Nepal. A healthy mind, a healthy body, and a healthy soul are always needed to accomplish something good in our life. so, the best practice is to start yoga to stay healthy and happy. There is a strong belief that Yoga and Meditation are connected to each other. As there is written that in ancient times, Hindu God and Rishis traveled a long distance to Nepal for Meditation. Meditation can heal your anxiety and find peace inside you. Adding further this also helps to unlock your unsolved question.  In Kathmandu, there are several yoga centers where you can attain different types of yoga sessions conducted by Yoga Academies. As a country of Gautam Buddha, you can visit Lumbini or holy places like Boudhanath or Swayambhunath. 
  • Village Tours
    Chitwan, Lamjung, Baithali
    Roaming around the village is one of the fascinating things to do in Nepal especially if you are from a western country. You will discover lots of things while visiting rural areas. Nepal has diversity in a culture which makes us a rich country with over 100+ ethnic groups and 130+ different spoken languages. While visiting the village area you will get to learn about the local people, culture, lifestyle, and traditions. Moreover, the hospitality of the local people will amaze you. You can learn a new language, and discover the local food. You will get fresh and positive energy and happiness inside yourself.



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