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Over the recent years, Nepal has laid down a good foundation for itself as a heaven for travelers, drawing in individuals from everywhere around the globe to investigate its brilliant territory. This does not shock anyone thinking that Nepal has various grand slopes and mountains, alongside the great Terai. Sufficiently genuine, the nation offers probably the most astounding journeying regions on the planet.

The perpetual blue skies, serene lakes, and radiant mountains of Nepal will leave you awestruck. Warm and cordial countenances grinning back at you will cause you to feel like you have gotten back after a long exile. The delightful spread of stars gleaming in the night sky will entrance your children more than the illuminated screens that their eyes are generally consistently stuck to. Nepal will stir the nature-darling in you and uncover its many shades, leaving you stunned. It will drive you to get away from your day-to-day interruptions and hop into the arms of nature. will ensure you land on your feet by assisting you with picking when to make the enormous stride. Each season in Nepal has something else to offer. Here, we have for you all the data that you might expect to pick the best opportunity to travel. Recorded for you are additionally the safety measures that you should take previously and keeping in mind that you are on your outing.

1. February - December:- cold wind with the temperature around 3 to 19C 

2. March - May:- warm with the temperature around 8 to 28C

4. June - September:- Sunny and hot days with the temperature around 19 to 27C

5. October - November :-  Slightly Cooler with the temperature around 18 to 22C

some of the famous places that are in Nepal and best to Treak are listed below, 

  1. Everest Three Pass Trek 
  2. Mansalu Trek 
  3. Langtang Trek 
  4. Annarpurna Trek 
  5. UpperMustang Trek 
  6. Gokyo Trek 
  7. Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking Permit in Nepal

Travelers in Nepal are permitted to travel as FIT (Free Individual Trekker) or in a gathering of different sizes. Nonetheless, there are sure traveling locales known as 'Limited Areas' that are exceptionally directed by the Government of Nepal and thus FITs are totally prohibited. Journeying here is permitted exclusively after procuring license from the Department of Immigration.

for the fouther information kindly visit the Nepal Government Official site which is given below



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