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Traveling to or within Nepal is easy and convenient with an advanced, dependent transportation system. Nepal is known for its choice of accommodation, and dining options and for its excellent hospitality. Here in Nepal, you will find cultural, historical, and natural attractions along with great shopping and hopping nightlight. We suggest our travelers have a bit of information before travel to overseas. Whether you are taking a quick trip for a few days or planning to enjoy your taking a quick trip for a few days or planning to enjoy your earned vacation with your loved one or friends or even solo, be informed with some information before you start your trip.


Additionally you need to know some contact details if case of an emergency: 

Here are some important contact details you should have while traveling in Nepal:

1. Emergency Services:
   - Police: 100
   - Ambulance: 102
   - Fire Brigade: 101
2. Tourist Police:
   - Tourist Police Headquarters (Kathmandu): +977-1-4247041, +977-1-4226359
   - Tourist Police Office (Pokhara): +977-61-465574
3. Hospitals and Medical Services:
   - Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital (Kathmandu): +977-1-4911008, +977-1-4912303
   - Grande International Hospital (Kathmandu): +977-1-5159266, +977-1-5159267
   - CIWEC Hospital (Kathmandu): +977-1-4424111, +977-1-4435232
   - Manipal Teaching Hospital (Pokhara): +977-61-526416, +977-61-526417
   - Western Regional Hospital (Pokhara): +977-61-520149, +977-61-520150
4. Foreign Embassies/Consulates:
   - Embassy of the United States (Kathmandu): +977-1-423-4000
   - Embassy of the United Kingdom (Kathmandu): +977-1-441-0583
   - Embassy of Canada (Kathmandu): +977-1-444-1976
   - Embassy of Australia (Kathmandu): +977-1-437-1678
   - Embassy of India (Kathmandu): +977-1-441-0900
5. Trekking and Mountaineering Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN): 
   - TAAN Office (Kathmandu): +977-1-4427473, +977-1-4428571
   - TAAN Office (Pokhara): +977-61-462171, +977-61-462169
6. Nepal Tourism Board (NTB): +977-1-4256909, +977-1-4256910
Remember to always keep these contact details accessible and readily available while traveling in Nepal. Stay safe and enjoy your trip!



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