Getting Around Transportation

Getting Around Transportation

Travel within Nepal is quite convenient, though not always particularly fast, and generally very low priced. The fastest way to get around is via plane. Nepal's airlines provide a great offer of low-budget airline flights to the major cities that are flying daily. The Tourist Bus is also another good way to travel, you will see a lot but it is often busy and requires booking in advance. Air-conditioned buses are going mostly straight to the big cities while regular buses crisscross the country between every one-horse town.


Getting around the country by air is becoming more inexpensive and convenient. Almost every route originates from Kathmandu. However, the newly constructed Pokhara International will come into action in January 2023. Kathmandu is the central hub for international flights throughout Asia as well as Nepal’s domestic hub for now. We will also organize private airport-to-city transfers or pick-up and drop-off to the Hotels on request which you can organize with us, just let us know or just place your mail with requirements.


A modern highway system stretches to all points of the country. The bus network in Nepal is prolific and reliable and a great way to see the countryside. Tourist buses with air-conditioned facilities are one of the most frequently used means of transport. Inexpensive and reliable, buses frequently leave from or stop at all major centers. Public buses are plentiful and very cheap, but you must be the adventurous type to work out the route and be able to read the bus signs on the front of the buses as to where they are going and to know when to get off. Be careful of pickpockets and watch your bags carefully.


Most taxi drivers rarely speak fluent English however they are capable enough to understand what you are saying; therefore, it is important you know where you like to go. carrying a hotel name card could be the best solution if you forget the route to assist in your return. If you are thinking of using a taxi then “Pathau” will be convenient to use because it is an online service, where you can book a taxi and add a starting point and destination and on the basis of distance your fair will be automatically calculated so that you won’t be charged more.


If you are traveling solo then a motorbike could be easier and cheaper for you. Like taxi hiring, you can also hire a Motorbike from the same “Pathau” app where you just have to add your starting destination (where a rider comes to pick you up) and end destination. This kind of service is very famous inside the valley only.

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