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Tikapur, Nepal  
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  • Tikapur
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Tikapur is a municipality in Kailali District in the Seti Zone of western Nepal. Tikapur has been placed as a new projected Sub-Metropolitan city as government new proposed geographical region makes Tikapur to meet the criteria in terms of population and infrastructures. At the time of the 2011 Nepal census it had a population of 56,127 living in 11,630 individual households. The population is increasing day by day due to increasing number of migrants from hilly region. Tikapur is approximately fifteen kilometres south from east west highway and the Indian border is also fifteen kilometres away. Tikapur is mainly famous for Tikapur Brihat Park. Many peoples visited this park throughout the year especially in New Year (Nepali calendar). Ethnic people of Tharu community and other migrated from Hilly people live here after former minister late Khadag Bahadur Singh formally developed for city in 2030 BS. Tikapur is also famous for banana harvesting and also famous for schools. Tikapur is also known as Kancho(youngest) achham because mostly the people from Hilly Achham district live here. Beside tharu the people from various cast like Pandey, Shah, Batala, Rawal, Bist, Kunwar and Brahimns lives here. It is one of the most badminton played cities of Nepal.

Tikapur is the best planned town in Nepal.Tikapur Great Garden is the top tourist attraction in Tikapur. More than 100,000 tourists come to visit the garden every year. Tikapur also has couple of beach resorts in the beach of Karnali river which is till date the only city (Tikapur) having beach resort in Nepal.Tikapur is the 1st planned city of nepal.Every house touched the road and every road to main road.

1. Gola Gokarna Nath Temple: The temple is 54.9 kilometers far from Tikapur. Gola Gokarna Nath Temple is hindu temple. In Uttar Pradesh, India this temple is named after Shiva temple. It is the temple delecated to lord Shiva  so,it is also beleved that for Choti Kashi.

2. Tikapur Park: Tikapur Park is the biggest and beautiful park in the western Nepal situated at Tikapur Municipality of Karnali district. It was build by King Mahendra. Because of the silent and peaceful environment people are attracted by natural beauty provided by birds and animals.

3. Ghodaghodi Tal: From Tikapur Ghodaghodi Tal is 44 kilometers far. Ghodaghodi is a natural fresh water oxbow lake on the lower slopes of Siwalik. It is large and shallow lake having fingers like projections with associated marshes and medows surrounded tropical deciduous forest.

4. Bardia National Park: The distance between Tikapur and Bardia National Park is 12.2 kilometers. Bardia National Park is protected area in Nepal  which was established in 1998. About 70% of park is covered with the forest with the balance mixtures of grassland, savannah and reverine forest. The Bardia National Park is home to at least 53 mammela including rhino, bengal tiger, wild elephant, gangetic dolphin etc.

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