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Lumbini, Nepal  
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[ Properties in Lumbini ]

One of the world's most important spiritual sites is home to the historic birthplace of the Buddha. Today you can visit over 25 international Buddhist monasteries, study Buddhism, meditation and visit Buddha's birthplace itself within the sacred Mayadevi Gardens! Mayadevi Temple is one of the important sites in the Lumbini Garden with many historians and archaeologists referring to it as the place of birth of Lord Buddha.
Inscriptions on the Ashoka Pillar also refers the spot as his birthplace. It is said that here the newly born Prince took his first seven steps and gave a peace message to humanity. This happened in the beautiful Sal grove, which is now the focal point of the Lumbini Garden. Mayadevi, the Queen of Shakya King Suddhodhana of Kapilvastu, while passing through the Lumbini Garden, on the day of  Baishakha Purnima (full moon day of May in 623 BC) took a bath in the Pushkarini (the Sacred Pond) and soon after she took support of a tree branch, and gave birth to the Prince Siddhartha, who became the Buddha.  
Visit beautiful monasteries built by different Buddhist countries like China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Germany and observe the different architecture and prayer areas. Soak up the peaceful atmosphere and above all  visit the Mayadevi Temple which dates back to 2,200 years, which archaeological evidence proclaim as the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam or Lord Buddha in 623 BC. You can walk around the garden or find a peaceful meditative spot to contemplate. The focal point for pilgrims is a sandstone carving depicting the birth of the Buddha, reputedly left here by the Malla King Ripu Malla, in the 14th century, when Mayadevi was worshipped as an incarnation of the Hindu mother goddess.
Another main attraction is the Ashokan Pillar, which was built by the great Indian Emperor Ashoka while visiting the birthplace of Buddha back in 249 BC. One can visit the Panditarama Vipassana Center for some yoga and meditation and interact with the monks, who live in the vicinity of the monasteries , devoting their time to balancing the environment with religious worship. The Lumbini Garden covers an area of 2.56 sq km or 1 x 3 sq miles and encompasses three zones each covering one square mile connected with walkways and a canal. The area has sub tropical monsoon climate with warm wet season.

Devadaha is the famous ancient capital of Koliya kingdom, the maternal hometown of queen Maya Devi, Prajapati and princess Yasodhara. The site is situated at about 57 km northeast of Lumbini and is well connected by the Mahendra Highway . We can observe many archaeological and historical sites extended in a large area.
The potential ancient sites of Devadaha include Kumarvarti, Khayardada, Bairimai-Kanyamai, Bhagawanipur/Devidamar, Kotahimai, the Rohini River, the Telar River etc. More facts on ancient Koliyan civilization will reveal after full-fledged excavations in future.

Kapilavastu, The ancient capital of Sakya kingdom (Kapilavastu) is located about 27 km west of Lumbini. Tilaurakot houses the vestiges of ancient Sakya palace where Siddhartha lived his early 29 years as a prince. The ramparts of a moat and a fortification wall with its western and eastern gates surround the remains of the citadel including ancient structural remains in the central part of the mound.
The eastern gate of the palace reminds us about Siddhartha’s renunciation for the search of supreme knowledge. He renounced the palace at the age 29 quietly at mid night from this Mahaviniskramana dwara. The eastern gate is known as Mahabhiniskramana Dwara, through which Siddhartha took the great renunciation at the age of 29. It is also known as Mangala Dwara (auspicious gate) in the Buddhist literatures.

Ramgram, The Koliyas obtained one of the eight parts of the Buddha’s relic which they enshrined here and built a magnificent stupa and worshipped for a long time. Buddhist literary sources mention that Emperor Asoka wanted to open and obtain the Buddha’s relic to build eighty four thousand minors stupas throughout his vast empire.
However, the emperor did not touch the precious relic out of the request made by Dragon king and people of Ramagrama. This surviving single original relic stupa standing 7 meters high on the bank of the Jharahi River is the most important stupa of its kind in the whole of the world.

1. Medition Class

2. Enternal Peace Flame

3. Rent a bicycle and explore rural terrain

4. Explore Monastries

5. Try Indian foods from street vendors

6. Explore a Maya Devi temple and meditate under the Bodhi tree, who knows you may find enlightment

Best properties in Lumbini

Seven Steps Guest House


 Restaurant   Attached Bathroom   Room Service   Airport Pickup  

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Lumbini Bamboo Resort

 Laundry Services   Free Parking   Garden   Television  

42     / NT
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Buddha Maya Garden
[ Deluxe ] Heritage

 Safe Deposit Locker   Room Service   Restaurant   Projector  

245     / NT
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Hotel Lumbini Garden New Crystal


 Restaurant   Air Conditioning   Safe Deposit Locker   Free WiFi  

67     / NT
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Hotel Ananda Inn


  garden   Air conditioning   No Smoking   Laundry Services  

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Hotel Lumbini International


 Parking   Resturant   Luggage Storage   Laundry Service  

33     / NT
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Green Lumbini View Hotel


 Reception Services   Laundry Services   Free WIFI   Welcome Drink  

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Siddhartha Guest House


 Free Wifi   Cycle Hire   Restaurant   Air Condition  

18     / NT
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Tiger Palace Resort and Casino


 Welcome drink   Swimming Pool   Fitness Center   Telephone  

180.23     / NT
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Lumbini Hotel Kasai


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Lumbini Buddha Garden


 Meeting/Banquet Facilities   Airport Pickup   Free Parking   Free Wifi  

79     / NT
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Hotel Joshi


 Bar serving domestic and International Drinks   Free WIFI internet   Specious Garden offer lawn space and warm environment.    Same day Laundry  

19     / NT
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Hotel Aakash International


 Parking   Room Service   Shower   Free Wifi  

49     / NT
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Hotel Peace Palace Nepal


 Air Condition   Yoga and Massage   Safety Deposit   Free Wifi  

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Hotel Little Buddha


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