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Kakani, Nepal  
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  • Kakani
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Kakani is situated at the Nagarkot district in the Bagmati Zone. Kakani is 24.2 km from the capital Kathmandu which takes 1 hour and 15 minutes through Trishuli Highway. The Kakani VDC is administrative a population of 7,816 living in 1343 individual households. It is beautiful hill village of Nepal. The place is famous for trout and strawberies farming is one of the best places to go in a short hike during the season of strawberies. On a clear day could catsh the beautiful himalayas ranges with the greeen hills in the front.

The extremly delicious trout fish cuisines available here are expensive through. The place is beautiful with greenerous all around and the hills convered in the fog seem like they are wearing a shoft muflar over a green over coat. It also offer a place to explore the hill village culture.

1. Shivapuri National Park

2. Boudhanath

3. Shree Pashupatinath Temple

4. Kopan Monastry

5. Guru Lahakhang Gompa 

6. Samtenling Gompa

7. Maju Deval

8. Bachhareshwari Temple

1. Bike riding 

2. Rock climbing

3. Trekking

4. Hiking

5. Fishing

6. Omega Jumping

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Kakani Mountain View

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