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Janakpur, Nepal  
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  • Janakpur
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The city is also known as Janakpurdham, which was founded in the early 18th century. According to oral tradition Janakpur was the capital of the Videha dynasty that ruled Ancient Mithila. Janakpur is located at south east of Kathmandu and had a population of 169,287. The city is centre for religious and cultural tourism.Janakpur is located in the Terai, where the climate is tropical the months of April to June are hot, dry and windy; rainy season lasts from July to September, followed by a cool dry season from October to January and a short spring from February to March.Janakpur is one of the fast developing cities of Nepal, and is the fifth sub-metropolitan city of Nepal. The city has good health care facilities, and a number of parks as well as good private schools, colleges and internet service providers. There are medical and engineering colleges which are affiliated to the TU. The economy is mostly based on tourism, agriculture and local industries.The centre of Janakpur is dominated by the impressive Janaki Mandir to the north and west of the bazaar. This temple, one of the biggest in Nepal, was built in 1898  by Queen Brisabhanu Kunwari. It is also called "Nau Lakha Mandir" after the cost of construction, said to be nin rupees.

Kathmandu to Janakpur - 221km

Jaleswar to Janakpur - 14km

Hyderabad to Janakpur - 1633km

Lahan to Janakpur - 87km

Jhapa to Janakpur - 255km

Nepalgunj to Janakpur - 607km

1.Ram Sita Bibaha Mandir

2.Janaki Mandir

3.Rama Navami

4.Dhanush Sagar and Ganga Sagar

1.Janaki Mandir

2.Janakpur Women's Development centre

3.Mithila Art

4.Janakpur Dham Rail Station

5.Ram Mandir 


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