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Dolakha, Nepal  
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  • Dolakha
  • Dolakha
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The total land area covered is about 2,191 km2 and its borders contiguous with Solukhumbu district and Ramechhap District in the east, Ramechhap and Sindhupalchok District in the south, Sindhupalchok in the west and with the Tibetan Autonomous Region of People's Republic of China in the north. Sitali, the lowest part of the district is 723 metres (2,372 ft) above sea level whereas Mt. Gaurishankar, the highest part of the district is 7,134 metres (23,406 ft) above sea level.In its origin the city of Dolakha was called "Abhayapur" which means "Abhay" - without fear; and "pur" - cities. That is why Dolakha is also referred to as the "city without fear" because of the power of the god Bhim Sen.


Distance From Dolakha

Dolakha to Kathmandu: 182.7km

Dolakha to Sindhupalchwok: 67km

Dolakha to Solokhumbu: 47.8km

Dolakha to Ramechhap: 132.8km

Dolakha to Mt. Gaurishankhar: 24.6km

Dolakha to Charikot: 50.2km


There are different view of people for the name of this district Dolakha.Some people believe that in past a sage started to pray lord Siva sitting in a cave here. After the success of his pray he thought to visit around that place but what ever time he travel from that place he returns to same place now and again. He has visited that place for two hundred thousand times which is known as Dui Lakh in Nepali and which changed to Dolakha in future. Some people believe that in Tibetan language Do means Stone , La means Temple and khaa means house.There are a number of house and temple of stone in this place so this place is known as Dolakha.


Dolakha district has a wide variation in height. Sitali is the lowest part of this district situated at a height of seven hundred and twenty three meter from sea level, the highest place is Mount Gaurisankhar of height Seven thousand one hundred and thirty four meter. This is an attractive tourist area and people here are always eager to welcome tourist.


There are many place to visit in this district. Dolakha Bhimsen, Kalinchowk Bhagawati, Sailungeswor Mahadev, Deulangeswor Mahadev,Rolwaling valley, Gaurishankar Mountain are few of them.


Dolakha Bhimsen:

It is situated four kilometer away from Charikot and is one of the famous holy place. It is believed that this statue sweats to indicate the upcoming problem in Nepal. 


Kalinchowk Bhagawati:

This temple is situated in Kalinchowk VDC which is around fifteen kilometer away from Charikot. The temple is one of the best view point and holy place situated in a height of three thousand eight hundred and forty two meter. It is believed that kalinchowk bhagawati is sister of Palanchowk bhagawati and shova bhagawati. We can view different mountain of Rolwaling hillside from this place.


Tasi Gumba:

This place is situated in Bighu VDC 8 and is believed to be one of the important tourist attracting place.

Peack Climbing

Rock Climbing

Rafting and Kayaking in Tamakoshi River

Kalingchwok Area Trek

Sailung Trek

Upper Rolwaling Trek

Visit over Dolakha Bhimshen

Best properties in Dolakha

Dolakha Darshan Hotel


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Charikot Panorama Resort

 Bar   Free Wifi   Currency Exchange   Garden  

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Hotel Gaurihimal


 Luggage Storage   Laundry Services   Parking Services   Currency Exchange  

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