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Dang, Nepal  
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  • Dang
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Dang is located at inner Terai in midwestern Nepal. The district covers 2,955 km² with a population  of 548,141. Ghorahi (formerly Tribhuvannagar) is the district's administrative center and largest city while Tulsipur to the west is a transportation hub and Rapti Zone's administrative center. There are numerous temples and gumbas in Dang district.This region has majority of people of the Tharu ethnicity. The steep, virtually uninhabited southern slopes of the Mahabharat Range are another cultural buffer zone between traditional 
Tharu lands and the culturally distinct Middle hills where Nepali is the dominant language, the homeland of Bhramins and Chhetries.The Kumal (potter) ethnic group is also semi-indigenous.the district borders Uttar Pradesh, a state of India Nepal's neighboring country specifically the Shravasti districts of Awadh. Because the international border follows the southern edge of the outermost Siwalik foothills called the Dudhwa Renge, there is no Outer Terai extending onto the main Ganges Plain inside this district. The permeable geology of the Siwaliks does not support moisture retention or soil development, so they are covered with unproductive scrub forest.
Distance from major Cities of Nepal
Kathmandu to Dang - 410 km
Pokhara to Dang - 437 km
Butwal to Dang - 180 km
Lumbini to Dang - 192 km
Dharan to Dang - 696 km
Pyuthan to Dang - 55km
Tulsipur to Dang - 118 km


Ghorahi :

A municipality of Dang valleyalso called the capital. It lies at the south west of Nepal . We can reach Ghorahi from highway town of Lamahi , which goes north 23 kilometers by road. Roads are linked Ghorahi to other major districts of Rapti Zone: Rukum, Rolpa, Piuthan and Salyan. Come visit this wonderful city and enjoy. Ghorahi is the most beautiful destination to visit. This place is  mostly  and commenly tourist attractedinthe Dang valley.


Tulsipur is the second largest city.

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