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Birgunj, Nepal  
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  • Birgunj
  • Birgunj
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[ Properties in Birgunj ]

Birgunj a sub- metropolitan city and border town in Parsa district in the Narayani zone which is second largest city in Nepal. the city is 183kilometers from the capital of Nepal through Tribhuwan Highway. It is attached with north of border on Indian state. Long time ago as entry from Patna and Kolkata is known as gateway of Nepal. As Indian border is enclosed to Birgung it is easy for import and export of trade. The town has a significant economic importance which is also called major business center of Nepal. All most all the trade of India occours through this route. The city has train facilities. The major festivals celebrated in Birgunj is Chhath, Dipawoli, Eid etc. but small proportion of Buddhist's are occupied in this city. Birgunj occupied equally by followers of Hinduism and Islam. The people of Madeshi ethnicity occupies greter portion of population.

The city has not been given more value than a stopover place for all types of travellers, weather they are businessman, tourists or Pilgrims. But one spend some time on city one can get taste what Birgunj has to offer.  

Though it is not a tourist hot spot, you can see Lord Buddha stupa on a tiny hillock called Vishwa. Apart from this, Gadhi Mai is a well known Hindu goddess temple which holds a mighty fair every five years. Hindus from all over the world come here to sacrifice animals to show thankfulness to the goddess. Animals sacrificed on this occasion are one of the highest amounts in the world. To the west of Birgunj, Bindawasni mai is another historical and religious place. Jang Bhandur Rana, the first Rana prime minister held a massacre in which hundreds of people died as a result of a royal conspiracy. To the north of the city there is Parsa Wildlife Reserve, one of the biggest national parks, having hundreds of endangered species. Tigers, elephants, musk deer, Gharials, Red hornedbills, etc. are the main attractions.

1. Ghadiarwa Pokhari

2. Shree Gahawarai Temple

3. Radhe Mal Mandir

4. Shree Ram Movie Theater

5. Shoping Mal (R.S Group)

Best properties in Birgunj

Hotel Pujan


 Doctor on Call   Vehicle Hire   Air Condition   Restaurant  

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Hotel Rani Pokhari


 Bathroom   Acess Internet   Loundry   Private Parking  

10     / NT
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