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Bhedetar and Dhankuta
Bhedetar and Dhankuta, Nepal  
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Bhedetar and Dhankuta

  • Bhedetar and Dhankuta
  • Bhedetar and Dhankuta
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Bhedetar is a village development committee in Dhankuta District in the Koshi Zone of eastern Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 2643 people living in 513 individual households. It is 1,420 meters high from the sea level. It is actually the border line of Sunsari and Dhankuta district.Bhedetar is a developing tourist spot. It is a small hill station just 16 kilometers away from Dharan Sub-metropolis. It is famous for its unpredictable weather - a moment it hides itself in the blanket of thick fog and another moment it reveals itself as the crown of urban Dharan.Also known as ‘Sailung Danda’ in Nepal, Bhedetar is a place which cannot be missed. It’s actually a small hill station. In the past, long before the Koshi Highway was made, people from hilly regions took Bhedetar as a gateway to ‘Dharan’. It therefore wasn’t originally designed for tourism. It was merely a bus stop for some lunch and breakfast. Later, the stop grew into a town. And it was then that many hotels and restaurants took interest and developed it further to assist tourists for a comfortable stay and good food.


Places from Bhedetar

Bhedetar to Kathmandu: 404.3 km

Bhedetar to Dharan: 22.6 km

Bhedetar to Chitwan: 303 km

Bhedetar to Pokhara: 546 km

Bhedetar to Sikkim: 300 km

Bhedetar to Biratnagar: 62.3 km

Bhedetar to shi Tappu Wildlifi Reserve: 73.6 km


Dharan Bazar

Budda Subba 

Koshi Tapu Wildlife Reserve

Play Golf

Drive to Dharan

Hike to Namche

Spend Some tihe with local pub 

Picnic around Raja Rani Lake

Pilgrimage to the Holy Shrines

Taste Sugarcane from Tamar Khola

Do some Shopping

Barbique Party at Yalambar Park


Best properties in Bhedetar and Dhankuta

Hotel Majestic


 24Hour Front Desk   Wi-Fi Internet   Airport Pickup   Attached Bathroom  

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