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Bhairahawa, Nepal  
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  • Bhairahawa
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Bhairahawa is also known as Siddharthanagar situated at Rupandehi district in the western Nepal. It is 265 kilometer west from the Kathmandu. There are many airlines operating daily flight from Bhairahawa to Kathmandu which takes 45 minutes. At the north direction there is Indian border which is about 3 kilomerers from Bhairahawa. The border plays the important role to import and export. At the summer the temperature reaches 35 to 38 degree celcius where in the winter it reaches 9 to 23 degree celcius. The city is the main gateway of Buddhist pilgrims circuit of Lumbini, Kapilvastu and Kathmandu. There are 70,000population in this city.

Bharrahawa is the major trading city of Nepal so, there are several small and large scale industries. There is no railway facilities only the private taxies are supposed to give services. According to the religion Hindus religion has majority to live here. Awadhi and Bhojpuri are their native language and the culture too. this city provides good health facilities, treatment and care to the patient. 


Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha which is 24 km from Bhairahawa. The garden extends one kilometer east-west and 4 kilometers north-south with monasteries representing over twenty nations. There are differnt kinds of birds and sometime it includes wild animals too. Most of the visitors loves to visit here to take blessing of lord Buddha.


One of the tourist attracted  place which is 15 kilometer from the Bhairahawa in the north direction ehich lies village of Khirhani. 


Ramgram lies at 25 kilometer from the city Bhairahawa. There remains of a stupa and monastery lie on the banks of the Jahari river.  The large stupa mound is about 30 ft high and 70 ft in diameter which is huge in the structure. Some have suggested that this was the center of the the Koliya Kingdom and birthplace of Maya Devi. The Koliyas of Ramagram are listed among the eight tribes that received the corporeal relics of the Buddha at Kushinagar. A Japanese funded memorial is located just to the west of the oxbow lake and a monastery is also planned. The all weather road to Ramgram is mostly unpaved and bumpy but passes through wonderful rural village scenes.


 the name of an ancient Kingdom of the Shakyas -- the royal family of of Lord Buddha. It is an important part of the Buddhist Pilgrimage Circuit.Kapilvastu lies 40 kilometers west of Bhairahawa or 18 kilometers from Lumbini. Many ancient archaeological sites are situated within 10 kilometers of Taulihawa. Local roads are in good condition.

Triveni ghat:

 An important historical, religious and cultural area due to the presence of the ancient Valmaki Ashram across the river and the auspiciousness of bathing at the ghats on the first day of Magh (approximately 15 January). Hundreds of thousands of Hindu pilgrims come to bathe on this holiday. Cross the river here to visit Valmiki which is believed to be where Prince Siddhartha got down from his horse Kantaka and strode off on foot and into the jungles in his search for answers.

  • Village Tours:
  •  Several tour guide companies offer village tours, especially around Lumbini. However you can safely walk, bike, motorbike in villages in this area in daytime, unguided.
  • Bird Watching:
  •  Rupandehi is home to over 240 bird species (Sual et. al. 2010). This area has the best known population of the globally threatened Sarus Crane in Nepal and is the only known site in the country where the species breeds regularly.  Additionally Birdlife International has declared Lumbini as an “Internationally important bird area” with a considerable diversity of bird life. In winter, local farmland is a mosaic of different crops and stubbles, marshes, irrigation channels, streams and ponds. Away from towns, scattered small villages often have large old trees used by roosting vultures and large water birds. Especially try wetland grassland areas north of Lumbini called Khadara Phanta, particularly good for seeing the endangered Sarus Crane. .You can also find like other birds like the crane, lesser adjutant stork and other water birds, animals such as tortois and blue bull. Jagdishpur Reservoir is another important bird area in nearby Kapilvastu District about 40 km NW of Lumbini.
  • Terai Trekking
  •  A flatland version of mountain trekking. First performed in 1991 by two Peace Corps volunteers who walked from Bhairawaha, to Trivenighat, and on to Chitwan, some 70 kilometers in three days via existing back roads, farm lands, forests and footpaths. It was their way of attempting to walk a Buddhist Via Dolorosa if you like, the path taken by Siddhartha who renounced his princely life at Tilaurakot and then walked and rode his steed Kantaka eastward into the jungle which still exists just after Triveni. Other versions could be day walks from Bhairahawa to Lumbini and catching the bus back

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