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Beni and Baglung
Beni and Baglung, Nepal  
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Beni and Baglung

  • Beni and Baglung
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 Baglung is a municipality in western  Development Region of Nepal which is administrarive headquater if Baglung District and Dhaulagiri Zone. The city is mostly known as city of bridges ans is also famous for the map which is similoar to Nepal map. Baglung Bazar is situated on a plateau overlooking the Kali Gandaki gorge directly south of the Dhaulagiri Himalayan range. Steep cliffs rising from the valley flank the plateau on three sides. City limits are roughly determined by the Kathe Khola to the south-west, Kali Gandaki river to the east and Dhodeni Khola to the north. Baglung enjoys warm summers and mild winters. Annual average temperatures range from a maximum of 26.6 °C and a minimum of 19.1 °C. Highs above 35 degree celcius and lows below 0 degree celcius are rare. The average annual rainfall recorded is 1060.9 ml. Rainfall is heavily affected by the Monsoon and most of it occurs during the months of June through September. Rest of the year is mostly dry and sunny. Snowfall is extremely rare though surrounding mountains see occasional snow during the winter months. The City is naturally beautiful city so, many of the tourist attracted through this city. Newari, Gurung, Thakali, Bharmin, Chhetri, Tibetian, Magar are the people residing from the recent time. Napali is the language which is widely spoken by the residential people.

Kathmandu to Baglung - 275 km

Pokhara to Baglung - 81 km

Lumbini to Baglung - 79 km

Chitwan to Baglung - 140 km

Dolpa to Baglung - 79 km

Jomsom to Baglung - 65 km

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve to Baglung - 68 km

1. Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

2. Mustang

3. Dolpa

4. Mount Dhaulagiri

5. Baglung Kalika Temple

6. Baglung Bazar

1. Trekking 

2. Rafting 

3. Biking

4. Exploring with local peple

5. View Mount Dhaulagiri

6. Hiking

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